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I love making complex concepts and processes easier to understand with visual storytelling. Sharing the value of software and products has become harder with noisy social media and a barrage of information. Visual storytelling is a way to share knowledge that improves lives while building relationships that last long past the latest trend.

five tips for using fonts

Five Tips for Using Typography in Infographics

There are thousands of typefaces out there. How you use them in an infographic or other creative project reveals how professional you are. Putting thought and purpose into your choices will give your infographic amazing polish. I’ve put together five tips for using typography in your next infographic project. Use contrast […]

Easy Color Tip Illustrator Video

Changing A Single Chart Color the Easy Way in Illustrator

This is a quick (1:27 minutes!) tip on how to change a single color in a pie chart or other grouped object in Illustrator the easy way.  Read on for the transcript or to watch the video. I hope you find it a useful tool in your projects!

Google CPI data set

Five Data Sources for Infographics

Infographics may attract people with a catchy title or engaging look, but people stay for the data. Where do you go to find data to use? Today I’ll share five sources of data for infographics

Finding Color Inspiration

Finding Color Inspiration in Games

Sometimes we need a quick jolt of inspiration to get out of a color rut. I often hear from other designers that they use the same colors over and over again. There are perfectly good reasons why – we may be known for a certain color palette (Nubby and her […]


Getting Color Specifications Right for Infographics

Knowing what color specifications to use for print, video, or digital output saves time and effort. While most of the time infographics will be used primarily on the web, they are also used a lot commercially for direct mail pieces, trade show giveaways, and posters. Getting the right color matching […]

color difference

Secrets to Color Matching Monitors and Printers

I was recently asked how a designer can make sure the colors on the screen and the colors on the printer are the same. The hard and short answer is a glowing screen and a printed piece of paper will never look quite the same. They are two different mediums. […]

color palette testing

Testing Color Theme Tools and Getting Out of a Color Rut

I asked other designers what they were struggling with when it came time to pick a color theme. They gave me a wide range of answers, some about how easy it is to fall into a color rut, while others tend to browse colors and hope for the best. Others […]

color nerd

Researching Color Themes for Your Infographic

I have so much to say about color. If there is one area of design where my nerdiness shows it is here. I could talk for days about color theory, choosing colors, color trends and what colors mean. Let’s just say we would be here awhile. I’m going to focus […]

seven infographic layouts

Seven Infographic Layouts That Work

There are lots layouts out there. So many that just trying to create an infographic of key ways to show information leads to infographics like this one by Jonathan Schwabish and Severino Ribecca. It can get very overwhelming pretty quickly. I’ve identified seven layouts that I have see work well based on my […]

Showing five questions to ask when choosing a layout

Five Questions to Ask When Choosing a Layout for Infographics

Previously we discussed things to consider while planning your infographic and ways to display your data. Now we are ready to think about how the content and data will impact the layout of the infographic. I’ve put together five key questions that will save you time and act as a […]